Here you will find all of my photos on this website, except those which are in the exhibition and studies parts of the site. Latest added will appear first. I photograph mostly architecture in black & white, but also some seascapes, ships, boats, landscape, macro, cats and etc.

Photos from this section can be purchased as art prints on the several mediums. Select a photo, press “BUY” button, then country
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Our Lady of the Rock IVSt George Island IIIKotor IIKotor IIl CaminoSt George Island IIBeach IPiazza di SpagnaThe Maiden's Tower VII | Seagulls of BosporusThe Fog IAedes Castoris et Pollucis ICircus Maximus & Collis PalatiumAmphitheatrum Flavium VIХрам Св. Јована ВладимираTra le due sponde IForum Romanum IVArza Fortress IIМанастир Ваведења Пресвете Богородице IISeattle VArza Fortress I