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Architecture, today mostly archaeology of the Greco-Roman world. Photos mostly from Rome, but also from some other location with the prominent Greco-Roman architecture.
Arch of Septimus Severus ICastel Sant'Angelo I313 | II313 | I - L'arco di ConstantinoἈκρόπολις IἈκρόπολις IIἩφαιστεῖον IἈκρόπολις IIIForum Romanum IAmphitheatrum Flavium IAmphitheatrum Flavium IIAmphitheatrum Flavium IIIPiazza della RotondaVilla Quintili IAmphitheatrum Flavium IV313 | IIIForum Romanum IIIForum Romanum IVAmphitheatrum Flavium VIAmphitheatrum Flavium V