Stevan Kordić | Exhibition II - Arsenal 2007

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Photographic Exhibition of Stevan Kordić

Early in the summer of 2007, Porto Montenegro engaged me to create a photo documentary of Tivat’s shipyard Arsenal. The intention was to create a visual history of the facility on the eve of its redevelopment as a superyacht marina. I approached this assignment with mixed feelings. On the one hand, all inhabitants of the Bay of Kotor have had something to do with Arsenal over the years. I remember, when I was kid, waiting at the dock of Strp for Barbara, the ferry that took workers to the site and brought them home again each day. I also remember my uncle’s submarine voyages: his leaving Arsenal after a refit and then my waiting for him to come back. On the other hand, abandoned docks, industrial warehouses and largely derelict ships where not, until then, of photographic interest to me. Finally, after six months of work, and from mountains of material, I selected some 494 photos that represent all aspects of this historic site. As I was sorting through them, it occurred to me that it would be nice to show them publicly somehow. I delivered the photographs and soon after traveled to Rome. As I was walking around the Aventine hill, I received a message from Porto Montenegro: “We have seen the photographs and we would like to mount an exhibition.”

Before you, then, are 44 photographs of Arsenal. In the course of putting this show together I have developed a new interest: photography of our industrial heritage. It is a great pleasure to share these photographs, and I hope that they are as meaningful to you as they have become to me.

Porto Montenegro &
Cultural Centre Tivat