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The National Roman Museum (Museo Nazionale Romano) is a National museum, run by the Italian State, whose several branches are housed within different buildings located across the city of Rome, Italy.

It was founded in 1889 and inaugurated in 1890, with the aim of collecting the archaeological materials discovered and unearthed during the excavations pursued by the Italian State after the Conquer of Rome and its elevation to the rank of Capital of the newborrn Kindgom of Italy.

Nevertheless, the first core of its collection was formed from pre-existing collections such as that of the Kircherian Museum, an archaeological collection assembled by the antiquarian Athanasius Kircher within the former convent of the jesuitic church of Sant'Ignazio that was home to the Collegio Romano, that is the boading school and University of the Society of Jesus; in 1874, after the after the definitive suppression of the Society of Jesus, this collection was escheated, along with the whole building that contained it, by the Italian State. Renamed as Royal Museum, the Kircherian Museum was initially exhibited within the original rooms but was intended to be moved to a 'Museo Tiberino' (Tiberine Museum) where it were to be constantly supplemented by the entire amount of the numerous new discoveries as well as by the new acquisitions and expropriations that were being pursued in Rome; in fact the City was undergoing an expansive refurbishment and planning effort aimed at conferring to it a new, even more stately, aspect, more befitting its new role of Capital of Italy.
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