Stevan Kordić | Construction Time Again

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Construction Time Again
Stevan Kordić

Series of photos for the exhibition "Documentary Photo of Montenegro", Tivat, 2018.

„The landscape is changing
The landscape is crying…“

The Landscape Is Changing, CTA, Depeche Mode

In the last few years we have witnessed intensive construction activity in Montenegro. That especially holds for its coastal part. This series of photos depicts newly built structures and settlements in the area of the Bay of Kotor which is on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The Bay of Kotor was inscribed on the List of endangered World heritage after devastating earthquake of 1979 and then in 2003 on the World Heritage List. The inner part of the Bay of Kotor satisfied four criteria for the inscription. The first criteria emphasize a harmonious merging of nature and architecture of the Bay of Kotor which is of "exceptional universal value" for the humanity.

Interest in apartment construction, in this part of the Bay, increase from 2005. In almost all towns and villages in the protected area new buildings have been constructed giving them a brand-new look. UNESCO has warned, and still warns institutions in Montenegro that the overbuilding of the protected zone violates its qualities and that there is a possibility of deleting Bay of Kotor from World Heritage List.
A series of 10 black-and-white photos called Construction Time Again documents the current appearance of the internal part of the Bay of Kotor. Most of the photos were taken in 2018. Photographs are minimally processed in order to emphasize their documentary nature. It specifically highlighted the relationship between the new architecture on the one side and the natural surroundings and the old architecture from the other side. This series of photos is a small contribution to the discussion, for a long time present in the Montenegrin public: does the new architecture contribute "exceptional universal value" the Bay of Kotor?

Series title: Construction Time Again is inspired by the 1983 album and songs of the British electro-rock group Depeche Mode.

„The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
All for themselves after all…
Everything counts in large amounts…“

Everything Counts, CTA, Depeche Mode