Stevan Kordić | Exhibition IV - Roma Antiqua

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New Ancient Theatre | Festival Teuta Kotor
June 19th – July 4th 2009

With his exhibition Roma Antiqua (40 black & white photographs), Stevan Kordić once again devotes himself to the city he recognizes as, according to his own words “the essential place of the European civilization” and as one of the most important places of his soul… Maturing not only intellectually, but spiritually as well, with his new exhibition Kordić presents himself as an artist who not only contemplates on the nature of pictorial presentation, but also on the essential questions of life and death, duration and disappearance, identity – both his own and general, universal beauty and transience of everything which is mundane.

Kordić’s photographs do not only remain in esthetic domain, but they also enter in the space of mind and emotions, starting series of question on the order and disorder in this world. Time has stopped on them: it is only filled by the ancient city. Still, even through they are set in time, they are not imprisoned in it. Just as he can display the general and unsaid, the individual and universal, Kordić succeeds in representing that which has passed as timeless. The “emblematic” structure also helps: at the top of each photo, there is sentence which does not explain the photo, but the idea which it represents. This kind of mental riddle does not encumber the precision and purity of frames. The sentence does not represent narration, but the thoughtful completion of the visual structure…

Saša Brajović
From the text of the Catalogue of the Exhibition

Nada & Antun Sbutega,
Tihana Ćulafić &
Saša Brajović

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